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Our goal is to create a vibrant environment for catalyzing and increasing translational and clinical research by providing research platforms, resources, and staff and scientist training, while streamlining administrative processes. By recognizing the diversity of population, the heterogeneity of disease and responses to treatment, we will propel clinical and translational research into transformative approaches to improve the health of individuals, communities and populations.

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Genetics and epigenetics

Genetics and epigenetics

Single nucleotide polymorphism, DNA methylation, histone acetylation, gene expression, microRNA, lncRNA, RNA interference etc.

Statistics and machine learning

Statistics and machine learning

Novel machine learning and deep learning methods to find different patterns in data and estimate the risk and predisposition to multifactorial diseases.

Experimental and clinical investigation

Experimental and clinical investigation

Disease modelling, molecular mechanisms study, experimental treatment, clinical translation research.

Software development

Software development

Software development for different platforms using modern programming languages and paradigms.

Immunology research

Immunology research

Isolation, cultivation, cytofluorometry analysis, visualization of immune cells and experimental and clinical investigation

Grant office

Grant office

Search of funding of your investigation, preparation of apllication. Grant support

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